LoadVars() problem!

Ok, so i’ve searched thru the forums with no real answer to what I am looking for.

I have on one file (player1.fla), a movie that plays MP3s from an array, which I specify in that movie. The code for that works just fine.

I’ve duplicated the file and renamed it to a different one (player2.fla) so I could load the MP3s from a variable (array) on a text file. This way, to add more songs, all I would have to do is update the text file.

I changed the code around a tiny bit in the “player2.fla” file to accomodate for loading a text file, but nothing more.

[size=3][color=red]My Problem[/color][/size]
**The text file loads properly and displays the Title of the mp3, but it won’t play the mp3! **


The text file looks something like this: (just an example)

&songs=song1.mp3, song2.mp3, song3.mp3
&songTitles=my song1, my newer song, the third song

My script is very similar to this: (shortened; just an example)

lv = new LoadVars(); 
lv.onLoad = function() {
//store current url in global variable
prevUrl = null;
// store playstate in global variable
isPlaying = false; 
// create Arrays
mp3Array = new Array(); 
mp3NamesArray = new Array();
// fill Arrays with names and titles
mp3files = this.songs; 
mp3Array = mp3files.split(",");
mp3titles = this.songTitles; 
mp3TitlesArray = mp3titles.split(",");
// define the path to the mp3s
myPath = "C:\mp3s\" // for some reason, KirupaForum strips the slashes, but they're in there
// define a file to play
mp3Num = random(mp3Array.length-1); // picks a random number from the array
mp3ToPlay = myPath+mp3Array[mp3Num];
// a function that sets up the SoundContainer object
function createSoundObject(){
soundContainer = new Sound(this); // define sound object
soundContainer.onSoundComplete = updateStatus; // change state at song end
// do the function above to create the SoundObject
// the "playSnd" function that actually plays the mp3
function playSnd(url){
// check playstate
return; // deactivate PLAY button during play/load
} else {
isPlaying = true;
// check if same or new mp3
if(prevUrl != url){ // new mp3
soundContainer.loadSound(url,true); // sound automtically plays afer loading
prevUrl = url;
} else if(soundContainer.position > (soundContainer.duration - 100)){ // same file
soundContainer.start(0); // replay from beginning 
} else { // same file
soundContainer.start(soundContainer.position/1000); // start song at last paused
// play the mp3 file and load the title into a textbox
trace("song to load: "+mp3ToPlay); //THIS WORKS! it tells me the complete filename, but it won't play this file! WHY?!
textbox = mp3TitlesArray[mp3Num]; //THIS WORKS! it displays the Song Title correctly.