loadVars.send() no browser window

I’m wanting to use loadVars.send( url, window, method) however I have searched these forums… and so far none of the remedies I have seen work. I have tried using loadVars.send(url, _blank, method) also tried loadVars.send(url, 0, method) also tried loadVars.send(url, method) and last but not least… also used loadVars.send(url, _self, method) none of these worked. The PHP script is not activated and the results are not saved to the text file. Please someone help me here is the code…

		echo "You need to login before submitting anything... Thank You!";
	} else {
		$pointsArrayTrueArray = explode(",", $pointsArray);
		$counter = 0;
		$pointsContent = "pointsString=";
		while($counter < (count($pointsArrayTrueArray)/3)){
			$pointsContent .= $pointsArrayTrueArray[$counter];
			if(($counter+1) % 3 == 0 && $counter != 0){
				$pointsContent .="||";
			} else {
				$pointsContent .="~~";
		$fileID = fopen("$user.txt", "w");
		fwrite($fileID, $pointsContent);
	this.name_txt.text = "Submit";
	var submitPoints = new LoadVars();
	submitPoints.user = "Aaron";
	submitPoints.pointsArray = _parent.pointsArray;
	submitPoints.send("http://testing.tldstudio.com/misctests/whiteBoarding/submit.php", _self, "POST");

[color=Red]EDIT Hey guys… sorry, but I forgot to add in… when I use those above mentioned ways… no browser window opens… however the php script is not run and the txt file is left alone which is bad very very bad. Thanks for any help you can afford Using mx 2004 EDIT[/color]