localToGlobal scope

hey all, i am teaching myself how to use localToGlobal(), and i seem to be running into a scoping snag, at least i THINK it is a scoping snag.

So when i use

	pnt=new Object()
	pnt.x = _x
	pnt.y = _y
	trace ("dragSq,x : "+pnt.x);

i get the desired effect, yippee. That is to say, the output says 299, which is what the global coordinate of the movie is.

However when i try use the same code in the main time line like this

x_map.x_3.onRelease = dragSQ;

function dragSQ(){
	dragSq=new Object()
	dragSq.x = _x
	dragSq.y = _y
	trace ("dragSq.x from ROOT is : "+dragSq.x);

i get 0 as an output. This tells me something is broke!

What is broke? Any suggestions would be great. Thanks.