Loding movie into LOADERS - Placeholders

I can’t seem to get past this- maybe some one can help?

I have been calling .swf files to load into a page with a placeholder (LOADER). All have been good untill now- I can call the .swf files to load and scale, but withing the loaded .swf there is a next button that calls another .swf and that .swf load fine, but not scaled into the loader.
Any ideas. The problem is with the pictures section on www.insanefoamies.com.

Here is the info I use to load the .swf into the loader

AutoLoad - True
content path - sliders/s_pictures1.swf
scalecontent - True

Here is the code I use on the next button.

on (release) {
loadMovie(“sliders/s_pictures2.swf”, _root.placeholder);

Thanks Tom