Log-in and scoring without entering screen name?


i’m probably a waste of ur time but plz help:D

okay i would like to build a log-in page (already built and functioning) and i have a high score table set up (well i think i do) but the high score table askes me to inset a name how would i change this to where when users log-in and submit their scores they don’t have to enter a screen name it will pick up what they are currently logged in as

thanx but this is very loose edge i want to build a game around this i have tried many things can u please help? anyone!?

pleae? need more details? like i sorta want something like at neopets.com only i don’t want neopoints but please help? ask mroe details something!:skull:

I think you might want a “cookie”, like what yahoo, lycos, etc. uses. It is a small text file stored on the user’s computer, which can be accessed by the site that stored it. You would set a cookie when they log in, and then access it to see what they are logged in as when they do something that needs them to be logged in to do (e.g. recording a score, like it seems you are trying to do). How you set and retrieve a cookie depends on what language you are writing your scripts in… Try searching on google maybe? There are plenty of tutorials out there. I only know how to do it using javascript, and thats not usually what you write login scripts with :sigh: