Login keeping username

I’ve used the newlogin example and I’m trying to get it to say Welcome “username” instead of saying Stuff. I need it to hold onto the variable username from one frame and keep it thru-out the swf. EG once sucessfully logged in it will send u to a frame that says Welcome “whatever-your-username-is” and then also send that username for PHP data grabbing from MYSQL (http://somesite.com/userinfo.php?username=username-variable)

Step 1 - User Signs in correctly

got this working fine. it takes the usrename and password and checks against the MYSQL database

Step 2 - User is greeted

this would be a frame called something like “loggedin” I need it to carry the username from the login in (in this case “guest”) as a variable to this step. I have tried _global but failed.

Step 3 - Gather addition info from MYSQL

I would need to do something like “myData.load(“datagather.php?username=” + _global.username)” in the action script so that it would basically load the url http://somesite.com/datagather.php?username=guest

any help would be very appreciated