Login script

Hey I’ve been searching the net for a tutorial that will show me how to create a login area and registration. CAn anyone point me in the right direction or Teach me yourself?

There’s a tute on this site. But a few improvements have to be made. Post back when you’re done with the tute.

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Were exactly is it? I’m looking at flash 5

I found a input one and a password one I’ll check those

I know how to create text fields and refrence to things inside the movie but how can I have a signup page, people enter their data and then their profile is saved to the server then on the main page there is a User/password section that will look to see if their is a user with that password when the user tries to login?

Do you know PHP ? Because that’s what you’ll need, man.

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I was just hopin there was a way to go step by step. AA tutorial thats allready done. Thanks anyway

You speak French ?? I have one in French.

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I can only speak German and Latib so no but thanks anyway I’ve begun to teach myself asp. No you were I can go to find how to intergrate the two?