Login through asp problem

i am trying to login to my page using flash,asp and access data base…
i feel what ever (my friend) did in the scripting is right but yet not showing a gud result… wat i am saying??? not showing a result at all…

the basic idea of mine is to login through flash and load variable from asp and the asp cheak the userid and password from access data base… if the userid and password is correct. the asp send a respose to flash that the userid and password is correct. if correct then flash goes and play a specific frame if not then go and play a //specific frame…

Flash Code:

on (release) {
	 login = new loadVars();
	login.username = _root.name.text;
	login.thepassword = _root.thepassword.text;
	login.onLoad = function(success) {
		if (success) {
			if (login.message == "yes") {
				// You can go forward
			} else {
				// DENIED
	login.sendAndLoad("login.asp", this, "POST");

ASP code


 Dim oRS, oConn
set oRs=server.createobject("ADODB.recordset")
Set oConn = Server.CreateObject("ADODB.Connection")
oConn.open="dsn=DSNdark;persist security info=false;"
 oRS.Open "SELECT * FROM logininfo", oConn, 2, 3
 oRS.Find "username = '" & UCase(Request.QueryString("name"))& "'"
 oRS.Find "password = '" & UCase(Request.QueryString("thepassword")) & "'"
 If oRS.EOF Then
 Response.Write "&message=no"
  Response.Write "&message=yes" 
 End If
Set oRS = Nothing
Set oConn = Nothing

and i attached the access database with flash and asp data base… please…
and let me know where my friend went wrong in scripting??