Logo C&C please!

I made this logo in about 30 minutes for a car radio show of a friend, he wanted to use a speed-o-meter and the color could be green, orange, gray or black; Im not happy with the logo I make, Im having a hard time doing a speedometer :puzzle: what do u think, please give me honest opinions, if u like it, tell me, if u dont, dont tell me, kidding…tell me! thanks! oh, I attach 2 versions :slight_smile:

I like logo 1 a lot better!

numero uno

/offtopic, 3d nirvana, what happend to your new {and better} footer?

//ruski_flasher- it was too big :)… I tried to squeeze by the file size limit, but they caught me :slight_smile:

Not feelin either of them, but of the the two I think 1 makes more sense only cause the needle is in the right place.

This doesn’t seem to have a strong sporty feel at all. That’s what it seems to be missing.

PS… what ever happened to your BizCard thing?

yes, thats what I need, a sport feel! but no idea for the moment how to achieve it

oh, the bcard, I made a couple more designs, I´ll post them in another thread later, its going to the print shop next week but I need the final design :slight_smile:

I think the stroke you are using for your clock doesn’t match the look of the type at all. Rethink how to draw that by maybe making your own grunge style brushes instead of such a clean line.

i think if you made everything clean, it would be better.

mmm, I think I´l change the font then, and make a couple more…not happy!

cool man, I like it, the distortion fx make it even nicer… one suggestion tho?.. I think if you could apply the same fx to that pointing arrow… I mean a bit of distortion… I think that would be nice?