Logo Competition ($300 first prize)

Yep, that’s right, another logo thread. This one is better though. I promise. $300 US better. A chum of my dad’s sent this my way:

Bruce Kessler of Kessler GIS wants a new business logo. Mr. Kessler will pay $300 for the winning design and $100 each for the two runner-ups. It will be used on letterhead, the web-site, business cards, etc. It must be unique, bold, but not too flashy. The typical client is very computer literate. Applicants may enter more than one design.

Now morse, why didn’t you post this in the contests forum? Because D&D badly needs some action.

Here’s the deal guys. $300 check to design a new logo for Kessler GIS.

Deadline: May 27, 2005
Objective: Logo simple enough to look good on a business card yet good for a web page, as well as business card design including this image and the following information: Address, two phone numbers, email, and this quote: “Geographic Information Systems Education, Training & Consulting”

What is GIS?

If you guys want to enter, just pm me and I’ll give you his email address. Wouldn’t mind seeing what you’ve come up with, either :slight_smile: