Logo Contest

Hello Everyone,

Sorry for the Double post but I wanted to start clean. Thank you for all your emails. I have recieved alot of emails and can see that there is alot of talent here. Sooooo i have decided to have a logo contest. The logo will be chosen by my brother at the end of the month (october 31st) and the chosen designer will recieve 100 US dollars for his/her design.

Whoever is intrested post your logos here (protecting your designs in whatever way you need.) and on the end of the month. i will post here with the chosen Logo.

what we are looking for.

this is for a Farrier Service buisness called (Levine’s Farrier Service)


n : a person who shoes horses [syn: horseshoer]

replaces old shoes, trims nails and all around foot care for horses.

No 3D. colors are open to your own creativity, but my brother likes grey for some reason.

some image thoughts.

horses, horseshotes, anvils, hammers.

this is based in a small town, has one employee/owner.

http://www.americanfarriers.org/ <— info on farriers.

thanks, and i hope i followed by all the rules pertaining to this.

anyquesitons can be sent to any of my contact info stored here on Kirupa forums.

good luck everyone.