Logo: dean owen


  • CPA

  • Wants to focus on himself as the brand, not a company, not even that he’s a CPA.

  • Want’s something strong, intriguing, and slightly patriotic (i want to achieve this by design, not color)

  • Specifically used the phrase “Rugged Individualism”

  • Men as the main audience, potentially sexist (lol)


Obviously - I made it his name. And only really his name, no arbitrary marks or similar. The font was good, but I felt it needed more. I started thinking about Rugged Individualism, Patriotism, things that appeal to men - particularly men that could be sexist…and then it hit me.

Military, or more specifically, Air Force.

Not that I think the military is sexist. However, I do know there are men out there, many of them chauvinistic, who love military history and design. Particularly airplanes.

So, I added the “wing flags” on the sides of owen, and a small star in the “O”.

That’s the process thus far. Thoughts?