Logo Mockup

Hello… I’m a web developer, who mainly focuses in the programming of web apps (not so much the design). Therefore, my design skills are kind of… lacking. Take a look at my portfolio site - hopefully it doesn’t make your eyes bleed too much :wink: -> http://designandprogram.com/

I think its time I start to improve my design skills so I can code more than just basic templates (which are usually replaced). My programming is great - I can program just about anything that a client would suggest. But you can only go so far as a one man developer without decent design skills.

I have made a mockup of a new logo that I will base the template of the site around… It doesn’t look too bad IMO… but I would like your guys’ input.

How does it look? Any help would be appreciated… I was about to just stop and use this for my new site but I’d rather get some input first.

I have attached two logos, one with two glow thingies, and the other with just a subtle one on the bottom. I’m leaning towards the second.