LOL Registering DOt CA domain

I just went through the process of registering my first domain and I couldn’t believe how much crap you have to go through just to get one. domains cost twice that of’s and they make you jump through hoops for no reason.

I accidentally selected the wrong province and it took 5 days to get it straightened out. Anyone else think this process is ridiculus?

Anyways, if anyone is curious (which I doubt) here’s a link to all the documents you have to read.

WHat a joke! That’s so lame…

That’s Canada for you.

lol stupid canadians

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**lol stupid canadians **

uhhhhh… thanks for the compliment. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I know what its like, I’d like a .ca domain, but its not worth the trouble.

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**That’s Canada for you. **

Hey! I’m pissed! No really, I mean I’m pissed. I’ve been slamming them since 4pm and watch your comments about Canadians, eh! Hoser! (where the **** is my toque?)

So how abooot those leafs eh?

Leafs, eh? I think they’re going all the way, eh!
They could’a’ went all the way last year but…eh? was being a hoser…that sonofa…we all ended up getting pissed…

lol thats horrible. Why didnt you just go through RegisterFly or something?

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did you know htey have stuff like .agent and .travel, .shop and so on? Thats crazy, wont catch on tho…
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mdipi you have to go through cira (canadian internet registration a hollio’s) to get a domain. CIRA is a non-profit government appointed co.

The client wanted .com but that was taken so he wanted .ca.

really cause i just checked and i could buy one from RegFly…oh well. i kinda wanted one, cause .us stinks and i donno if i wanna keep my .com…i prob will tho, since its a .com, and most are gone.

I think he wanted all of you guys to diss the domain registration, not his home country. :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah Exactly I agree With "t3h t3rminator "
Im from canada too.

Yeah be nice to Canada everyone hehe :wink:

When the US gov’t controlled domain registrations through a private company (NetworkSolutions?) for .com, it was really expensive also. Good thing that monopoly was ended a few years ago. If there are any 3rd party resellers, go with them :slight_smile:

mdipi, you can buy them through registerfly but then you have to register them with CIRA. The whole thing is dumb.