Long Loading Session Getting Stuck

Hi there,

I have an Flash application reading an XML and loading SWFs and MP3s that are specified there.

The app works and loads and finishes loading just fine when running INSIDE the Flash authoring tool.
When running OUTSIDE the authoring environment (just double click the SWF) - the loading gets stuck.

Points to consider:

  1. The loading always gets stuck in the same place (just a trace with just traces following it), and it seems that if I change the data to be loaded, that it gets stuck rather after loading THE SAME AMOUNT OF DATA (rough estimate - but still, same number of sound files).
  2. The loading gets stuck after loading most of the data. Moreover - if I cut the data to be loaded and give it a little less to load- it won’t get stuck, it will succeed.
  3. The loading is done serially! (Flash lost events when tried it the good way, so now each onLoadInit event calls the next Load).

My main question, and I can’t believe it hasn’t popped on any of my searches, is:
What are the run time differences between a SWF running in the Authoring environment, and a SWF running outside??

Also - has this ever happened to anyone? what does it indicate? how to resolve?

(I wanna attach the code, but you won’t be able to simulate it without preparing data to be loaded, so am giving it up for now)

Crossing my fingers!