Look this-----Action made Flash 3D.(with FLA file)


And i want to know how register at here?
register to a member of the BBS. THX

Hey cink,
Go to the main page: pub40.ezboard.com/bkirupa

Click on the Login link; you should be able to see an option for registering from that page.

Nice eyecandy…buuuttttt…There’s 2 prob’s

#1: I cant read Japanse…
#2: Since I cant read it, @#%$ iz it? What’s it supposed to be…I have no idea.

Japanse…? NO-----it’s chinese.
use direction key to ctrl.

Nice stuff cink. I can tell you’re going to be full of all sorts of juicy tidbits of information. :slight_smile:

Cink is da man. xiexie :slight_smile:

That really is impressive cink :slight_smile:

I’ll abashment…