Lookin' for a challenge in Illustrator

hey all,

seeing if there is anybody interested in a battle just using Illustrator. Since being here not too many people have talked about the program. seeing if there is any interest out there

take all comers

try a PS battle instead…i dunno if many people have illustrator

i have illustrator, but i dont really use it, when someone post a subject ill consider a battle

i find that odd, if people have flash with no illustrator. I know i always import my illustrator designs into flash, since it is way easier to draw in illustrator than flash. it just seems the way to go.

-kaotic- cool, getting skills in illustrator is totally underrated, this program is a real life saver for importing into flash and into photoshop if you want a clean crisp look.

let’s see if anyone else is interested

perhaps you should just issue a ‘vector graphics only’ battle where the final is an eps with no bitmaps. not everyone has the same vector graphics application, but i’m sure we all have at least one!

I’m down for an Illustrator battle!

GloryBe: Illustrator is a whole new expensive program that many people can’t afford (such as myself, but I want it so so badly).

So is it going to be GloryBe Vs RenGirl?


you might want to try Fireworks MX first… I haven’t even installed Illustrator, because Fireworks does the stuff I need it to do, and it can export directly to .swf with editable text, etc. Plus you can optimize directly from FW for virtually any type of image, or apply all of your PS filters. I seriously find it the best of both worlds…

MM has a trial download you could play with if you want. It comes with some great tutorials built in…

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a vector battle would be fine, good plan

Hey Rev, I have gotten chances to use Illustrator, and I enjoyed it very much, you can also export as a .swf file from it :slight_smile:

I have never tried Fireworks, I might just download that free trial and give it a run :slight_smile:

I was trained on AI8, have 9 on disk…

haven’t looked at 10…

But yes, AI is a fun prog. I kinda figgered that it could now export to swf. I’m sure just as PS is a more robust prog than FW, AI will prob do a bunch that FW won’t.

I just feel for my needs FW is the answer.

My computer has become one large MM icon, I swear…



it ain’t that new of a program lost…

illustrator has been around a couple years before photoshop hit the market, just forgotten maybe, i’m not sure.

maybe its time to get it back again, its such a gem

whats fireworks like rev?? i have heard so much about it but haven’t seen it in the works yet?


The only MM programs I have are Flash MX and Dreamweaver MX, and the only Adobe program is Photoshop :slight_smile:

Anywho… off subject… so is this a vector battle of GloryBe and Ren?

If so a mod gotta set up a theme and rules (me? or Ren…lol).

sounds good, you in Ren??

GloryBe: Sorry, I didn’t mean “new” as in brand new, I meant it as it is a whole different program altogether, I have trouble wording things sometimes :slight_smile:

i see what your sayin’ now beta…i agree


…Could you define a vector program???

vector is pretty much curves that can be resized without becoming jagged. When u resize images that are pixels (anything in PHotoshop) than they become jagged.

Vector based images can be stretched bigger and look better. except blends and gradients i do believe

illustrator, flash, corel are all vector based programs

fireworks is a lot like photoshop and image ready rolled into one, with a dash of illustrator thrown in. Its perfect for creating a website interface, slicing it into buttons with mouseovers, and then exporting the image files with an HTML. from there onto dreamweaver, and flash…

a vector prog is one that uses points, or vectors, and the computer will calculate mathmatically the curve between those two vectors. This allows for scaling both up and down without much loss in quality. Also, since the prog uses vector points, the file size is much smaller than raster based (PS is a raster based image prog) images. Fireworks, like Majeye said is perfect for the web designer. My site was done entirely in Fireworks and Flash (with Generator).

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