Looking 4 script to randomize movie files on browser refresh

Hello all,\r\rI’m a newbie at programming and had performed serveral search on the net without much useful results. For all you programmer guru out there, please lend me a hand if you can.\r\rI am using flash version 5.0. I have 7 flash movie files within one working flash file and only 4 movie files gets display on an HTML page at a time. I need a script that will randomize the appearance of the movie files each time the browser gets refresh. But the script should only randomize 2 of the 4 movie files.\r\rSo for example, say I have movie files named 1 to 7. On browser load, I have movie file, 1,2,3 and 4 displayed. Now when a user refresh browser, I want movie file, 1 and 4 to be replaced by either movie file 5,6, or 7 (ie. random diplay of file)\r\rThis might sounds confusing or I might not be explaining it well, but if you go to www.standpipe.com you will see what I mean. Look at the Case studies section, there are 4 movie files being displayed.\r\rMuch, much, much thanks for any help provided. \r\rScript can be sent to: [email protected] (if u wish).\r\r\rSincerely,\r\rChi Huynh

Is this just one swf with the 4 parts in it?\rYou might try either randomizing the loaded movie for each part onLoad (in the swf itself), or using a variable appended to your swf; like in content.swf?random; which you set by a call in the html’s body onLoad to a javascript random function embedded in the head of your page…makes sense?