Looking for a Partner

Hello I am 17 and i live in California… i have my own business right now, Tek Labs… domain hosting what not, im looking for a partner, a trustworthy person who has a fair amount of free time to spare, but the most important quality im looking for is a creative design edge… i am intermediate in flash, have been doing it for 5 months, and im learning every day, but i think i have a very creative eye and i know what looks good. just a thought, you can contact me at

email - [email protected]
personal email - [email protected]
Aim: Cheez209
Msn: [email protected]
Yahoo: PlayaCheez


well I don’t have the time to partner anyone(and I’m not trustworthy;) )
but I just wanted to say, I looked at the pricing section of your web design site and found:

Some sites can be created for as little as $35

I think some people here (Sheep) might kill you for that.


thats the old site, the new design layout can be found at http://trillz.com/~conleydesigns/tek

Looking quite nice, just didn’t want you to sell yourself short on the pricing thing. :slight_smile:
see this thread http://www.kirupaforum.com/showthread.php?s=&threadid=13884&highlight=%241000

ahh ic what you mean heheh yeah ur right, but i want to be cheap, since im use to doing sites for friends/family for around 25 a site, thanks tho