Looking for an icon designer


I’m investigating the option of getting an icon designer for my company. I’m looking for someone who can do isometric views of buildings based on limited information (crappy pictures from clients). If you’ve done pixel work before, that’s a plus, although our icons must be in vector format. The person must be skillful with Illustrator - flash is a plus. If you want to find out more or if you know someone who would be interested, follow up with me.


Well pixel art realy isn’t my thing. Although if you want to hire someone that is great at drinking beer, showing up late and plays on Kirupa all day instead of being productive.


Fester you just described me perfectly. :stuck_out_tongue:

-Data :sketchy:

I think that describbes about 80% of the community here :slight_smile:

send me a pm with more info lava i might be able to help ya out bud :wink:

i could help also! if you want to see an isometric illustrator illustration then look at the personal portfolio on my site (its the transforming arcade machine).

i hope i can help

:mario: mariofan