Looking for artist/animator for Word Play Flash Game Contest

Hi all, I am looking for a partner in crime to compete in Mochi Media’s Word Play Flash Game Contest (http://www.mochiads.com/contest/may09). I already have a general idea of what I want to make, but I’m still open for suggestions and game design input.

I would like someone who has experience doing art and animations in Flash, preferably someone who has at the minimal a good looking game or two under his/her belt already. If you haven’t worked on a game, I will also accept Flash movies or general example of your Flash art/animation.

Please take a look at the last game I developed to get an idea of what sort art/animation quality I’m looking for https://www.mochiads.com/community/games/warhell/ultimate-online-checkers. Your art/animation does not have to match the same “style” as my previous game, though it should be of the same or greater quality.

I’m willing to discuss and negotiate how prize money will be split (and sponsorship money) if we agree to work together, I’m not trying to act like I already won the contest, just want to bring up the point of discussing revenue split :).

I’m willing to have more then one artist on the team, but I prefer to just have one.

I would like to work with someone who will treat this, minimally, as a part-time project. So please be able to devote at least 15-20 hours per week. Also please have access to a microphone and Skype, this isn’t a requirement but It would be great if we could communicate via Skype and not just by e-mail/instant messaging.

If you are interested, please E-MAIL (don’t PM) me at edgar86m [at] gmail [dot] com with the subject line “Flash Artist for Word Play Contest”. Be sure to include links, or files, to examples of your art/animation.

Thanks for your time!