Looking for CHEAP Laptop to use as Linux Machine

So, I saw the post about the new Gnome release, and I got to thinking that I really want to have my own Linux machine. I already have a Linux server (Dell Server) running in my house, but the graphics card is crap, and I don’t even have a monitor hooked up to it (good old SSH for me!). I have an AMD XP 2500+ running Windows that I can’t really replace with Linux, since I need to use a lot of windows apps for work (Visual Basic, etc). So, I was thinking of getting a Laptop, and setting it up with everything I need to run Gnome on it, and use it when I’m not home (which is pretty often).

Anyone know a good place to look for such a laptop? I really don’t know anything about laptops in general… but I would like to have a decent one, but I don’t want to spend lots of money. Going with something from like Dell would probably not be my ideal solution, since (in theory) I could save money by avoiding all that pre-installed software crap. Has anyone else gone through this before that could help me out please? Thanks a lot!