Looking for decent mailing form tutorial

I have CGI, and PHP 4.2 on my server.
I followed the tutorial (flash 5 tut) at Flash kit both with CGI, and PHP - neither worked!

I found one that does work at actionscripts.org, but its very restrictive, because my skills with PHP and CGI are about 0.

Anybody know of a good tutorial on making a mailer with Flash ?(prefferably F5 but MX is ok)


what exactly do you want? an automatic responder, a recommend site form mailer, etc.?



basically like a “contact us” form.
a form that I can put on my site people fill in, press “send”, and wamm it appears in my mail box.

Thanks for the tutorial flex, however if you read my message its exactly not what I am looking for!

To be honest, I think it would be easier to just build the form in HTML and use a standard form mail cgi/php script. It is quicker and easier to edit when needed.

Can you tell I have never had much luck with forms in Flash:)

lostinbeta… I’ve never done this - (but I guess there is a first for everything) Ill have to disagree with you |cringe| I hope I am still ok tomorrow :-… :stuck_out_tongue: making a form in Flash MX and assinging the fields to vars then sending it to a simple PHP page is VERY easy and very quick to update (on the PHP end and on the swf end - esp if you make it a seperate swf that loads into a MC)… I can send you everything you need or send you in the right direction. Let me know what you want.


PS if you want PM me with all the input fields you are looking for and what not and I’ll get you started. :slight_smile:

Actually you are right, with MX making a form is as easy as 1-2-3. I just found out my server has been going through a “funny phase” for a little while now, which is why my forms in flash weren’t working.

Oops! You will be ok Ryall:) :stuck_out_tongue:

thanks… I feel better now about disagreeing with some one who has offered me way too much info to repay! =)


hat off to Lost!!!

BTW the flash part is as easy as drag and drop - pretty much… the PHP is easy too, but you cant drag and drop…like I said PM me


sent you a three part PM explaining it all.