Looking for experience (use me for free)

Hello to all, i’m new and avalable for anything. for free.

This is what I do:

[]action script 3.
]htlm, xml.
[]can learn any oop language in few weeks. (I have some lights in mobile java, basic, assembly and C that could easly expand.)
]still cartoon drawing. (poor. I fail at game drawing)
[]Physics, math and AI for games.
]Creative thinking and planning

I love to learn new things and i’m able to do it fast.
by the way I’m also into electronic circuits and audio filters (just in case).

Why am I presenting myself? well I would like to help, share knowledge and just gain experience. Who knows? so I can participate i projects and one day have a decent portifolio. or just to meet people a bit more in the business than me. Or just to waste free time.

Like I implied, I have no decent work to show, but i have thousands of unfinished software projects (mostly physics) like any other college student whose life doesn’t deppend on that.
I usualy quit because my art fails.

just use me (if you have any project, a problem or so. Or if you want any help, or help me with the art-side of games.)

send a mail : Sallvador_Miranda [at] hotmail.com