Looking for genius's

Hi all…

I’ve got two questions to ask so I’ll get straight to it.

Firstly, can you make a gradient mask? For example a opaque shape graduating to transparent showing an image below. If so how can I achieve that?

Secondly, If i had a group of objects which are movieclips, each moving independently to the others. And I wanted the movie clip to stop when the mouse hovered over it then to continue moving from its stopped postion once the mouse has passed it, yet the other movieslips keep moving . Also I want the stopped object to be a button. How would I go about achieving this?

Thanks for any help that you can throw in my direction!


Not sure about the gradient mask, but my initial reaction would be no. I could be wrong however, so don’t quote me.

The second bit, I’d say make an invisible button that you put over each of the moving movie clips. Then you just need to attach AS to say on(rollOver) stop moving, and on(rollOut) carry on.

Hmm, this seems a remarkably short answer for me…

:)… it’s ok, Kit… happy B-day!!

1st question: Yup, you just have to artificially create it. You can quickly make two different kinds.

Create a square of fill the size of the stage and center it to the stage.

Select the circle tool and turn off the stroke.

Click on the “fill” swatch and select circular gradient.

Open up the “mixer” panel and the “fill” panel.

Select the outside gradient tab and choose the same color as the big square of fill. Select the inside gradient handle and choose the same color again. With this tab still selected, look at the mixer panel. Make sure that the “fill” swatch is the one highlighted, and move it’s alpha bar to 0%.

draw a circle in the center of your square.

deselect the circle and it will cut out that circle of fill from the square replacing it with itself, an alpha circular gradient.

These can be used to cover up many things just by placing them in higher layer. They can also be set to move with the mouse like a spot light, revealing things on a darkened stage. Using a/s of course.

2nd question:… I could probebly do that with all action script… I’m thinking about it anyway. Sounds like a cool effect.