Looking for Script to sort table data (& populate database)

Edit - Pointed to a nice javascript for sorting here: http://www.frequency-decoder.com/2006/09/16/unobtrusive-table-sort-script-revisited

I’m wondering if anyone might know of a prebuilt script that I can use to do the following:

There are two things I want to do: (1) Make the data in a table on one of my pages sortable. (2-optional) Update/enter the data in a MySQL database.

Currently I have a page on my site that displays data in a table consisting of five colums that include values of text (including an href), numeric/decimal, and date. Right now, whenever I need to update the table I have to add a new row and populate the colums with their data (via php). All the info is housed on that webpage.

This seems like it should be something fairly simple, however I’m having a hellofa time finding a prebaked database/script to impliment at least one of these features. If I had the time I would learn how to code it all myself, but I’m looking at a time frame of a couple days before I need it online.

Does anyone have any ideas of a script that, at the very least, would do the table sorting? Preferably handling the database as well (though optional, like I mentioned). Did I mention “free” would also be a nice feature? :smiley: I’ve searched online and found a few that handle the sorting but their coding seems a bit off and usually ends up screwing up the java on the rest of my page.

I’m open to any thoughts or suggestions and I really appreciate even the most miniscule amount of help :slight_smile: