Looking for SWIFT 3D for Flash application development talent

[color=black][font=Arial]A start up NYC Digital Interactives company is looking for freelance talent to work on a project to project basis. Preferably someone in the NYC area, but we are also willing to work with telecommuters.[/font][/color]

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[color=black][font=Arial]Looking for strong 3D background with experience in 3D vector rendering for Flash type applications. [/font][/color]

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I have loads of experience with Flash and some with Swift 3D. There are some 3D Graphics on my page (http://www.student-designs.co.uk.tt), just use the broadband stuff and look through the sections. They’re also animated. I live in Germany though, but I don’t think that’s gonna be a problem.
You can contact me under:
[email protected]
Thank You
Marcus Eckert

Not sure if you are looking for a one man show or a team, but I have plenty of experience in 3d (swift LW and MAX) and I work closely with a very very very good AS/Flash programmer. if interested nathan at implod dot com . I am located in California.