Looking for website improvement ideas

Hi everyone,

We are a rather budget limited small business and we are looking for some cheap, simple, spicy ways to make our main company webpage (homepage) look a bit nicer.

Our coordinates are www dot csbe dot net

We don’t want to do much programming, so small changes that deliver bang-for-the-buck would fit the bill.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

Sorry for the delay in getting back to you. Thanks for posting your question here at my request, and I’ll do my best to offer some suggestions by EOD tomorrow. I got sidetracked with some other projects going on :smile:

Use cms like Wordpress - it’s user-friendly and don’t need programming knowledge to begin with. You just need to add your most like themes and plugins that you like, customize and you’re done.

I would use some flat theme for wordpress. Flat designs are very popular right now.


Understanding your concern regarding making your webpage look attractive. Websites having old and out-fashioned designs fails to come up in the search lists and have very low rankings. Many business owners don’t realize the chances of boosting their products in the market by using a good quality website. Most often, such entrepreneurs will be having websites to introduce as well as to promote their products. But they probably have irrelevant site-design and out-dated contents. Read more about how to make your old website look better and attractive.

Just had a look at your website. You should start from scratch. Do you guys know basic CSS and HTML?


I have checked your website ‘Canadian School Book Exchange’ . It is an ASP.Net site.

Do you have any design specification for home page then please share with us.

Otherwise wordpress is best as per your requirement.