Loop sound with Actionscripts?

Hi there,
does anyone know how to loop sound (external mp3 file) with actionscripts?

my code are like this:

mySound = new Sound();
mySound.loadSound(“bubblor.mp3”, true);

it works like a charm, then i tried to loop it with this:


but it aint working, does anybody knows why and how to loop it?

(maybe it isnt possible, i dont know.)

thanks for any advise/help.


are you trying to loop it for infinity times or for a specific number of loop?

because under the properties panel, there is a place for you to set the number of loop for the sound.

if its for infinity, maybe you can try using gotoAndPlay() at the last frame of the audio.

hope it helps…not so sure myself…

Your code:


This should start your sound with a 1 second delay (the “1”) and loop it 8 times. If you take the 1 and 8 out, does the sound start okay?

You can’t use the start() method on streaming sounds. I don’t know if it is possible to do anything about it. I’ll check.

pom :asian: