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Hi all,\rI’m newbie at Flash 4 and tried to follow the site www.kirupa.com/developers/stoplooping.asp on stopping movies from looping. \r\rIn my .fla file, I went to File-Publish Settings and unchecked the Loop. It then created two files for me - .html and .swf\rIn my webpage, I want to insert the .swf file but this file keeps looping. Only the .html page seems to loop once. \r\rI want to create clickable regions in the flash file so I don’t want to insert the html file that loops once. \r\rI would appreciate any response! Thanks!

Hey teza610,\rThe HTML file is part of the published movie. Simply copy the HTML code from the HTML file and paste it in your Web page on your server. An HTML tag that sets looping to ‘false’ is what makes the animation not loop. If not, add a Stop Action to the last frame of your movie. That prevents looping as well.

Thanks heaps for your help and the quick response! You are a legend!

Search For It In Google Type In swf. To fla Converter\rit will come up with a page saying swf flash Converters\rClick On That Link And Download!!!

This is not relivant to this topic Sealy… I’m assuming for now that this is a mistake on your part and you wished to respond to a different post. Do not prove me wrong.

may be in try later

Post E-mail\r\r\r[email protected]

COOL\rcan u give me the EXACT site adress cos i cant find any at all on yahoo its all sites saying “no its not possible”\rplease i really really need swf to fla converter

Where can I download that?

Hi,\rif you could please let me know where to get this converter I would very much appreciate it. I have about 10 of my .swf movies i created but my computer crashed…lost all of my .fla files so if you could please let me know where to get the converter i would be very greatful.\r\rThanks

Just one more question… i typed in what you said to enter sealy34 in google but nothing for a swf flash converter come up…if you could please post the url for the site you got it from…Thanks :slight_smile:

I’ve done many searces and can’t find the SWF Converter. Please tell…