Looping through library elemets of a dynamically loaded swf

here’s my problem.
I am designing sound channel manager that can load sounds and assign channels to them… like a mixer application in a way.

I am trying to add a feature where users can embed their mp3’s in the library of a flash movie,export it to swf and then upload it to the server.
This way, my mixer can browse through the library sound elements and assign them to the appropriate channels.

now that wouldn’t have been a problem if we could ask the user to assign a linkage identifier with a regular naming convention (like sound1, sound2, sound3…)… but of course, that would have been too perfect.

so, my question is: is there a way to browse the content of the library of a dynamically loaded swf by a for loop? like we would do for a stage for example?

for (var i:uint=0; i<stage.numChildren; i++)
      if (typeof(stage.getChildAt*) == "Sprite") // for example
            // do something