Looping through movieclips

for (var i:Number = 0; i < numans; i++){
		var n:Number = i+1;
		var pct:Number = Math.floor((this['res'+n]/lrestotal)*100);
		this['pct'+n] = Math.floor((this['res'+n]/lrestotal)*100)+"%";
		trace(this['ans'+n]+": "+this['res'+n]+" votes, "+pct+"%");
		//var **** = this['_level0.poll_mc.results_mc.ans'+n+'_txt'];
		//****.text = this["ans"+n];
		// this line below
		this["_root.poll_mc.results_mc.ans"+n+"_txt"].text = this["ans"+n];

pretty much the last line is what i’m trying to do… i can’t find documentation or anybody with a similar problem. any help is greatly appreciated.