I have an animation which is gonna be used till my new logo is made and i want it to wait until it loops to give people chance to read it any ideas


here is a link to the site
its at the top pretty crappy but it does the job


you clould try an if Else statement… that checks a variable (lets call is “theVariable” which site in _root)

so in _root frame 1, you would state

var theVarialbe;
theVariable = 1;

then on your initial MC … the one which is meant to loop…which you place in frame 1 - the following code

on frame 1 =

if (_root.theVarialbe >=5) {
_root.gotoAndPlay (2);
this.gotoAndStop (1)
else {

check the syntax of the stuff above


_root.theVariable ++;

(this line - if i am right, increments the varialbe, that is, it adds 1 to what ever the present number is…

THEN ON “_ROOT frame 2”, you place the rest of your movie, i.e the main movie clip…

this way the logic is

theVariable is a counter … it is checked every loop of your looping MC…and at the end of 1 run of your looping MC it adds 1 to the present number… when it reacheds 5… the looping MC tells itself to gotoAndPlay _root (2) which is where the rest of your MC stays and works on from…

this is just a quick idea, and PLEASE CHECK ALL THE SYNTAX AND CODE, i’m just reciting/working it out, off the top of my head, could be wrong …

good luck,




had a quick look at the link to your site, and i’m guessing that you know your code back to front…hmmmm, and that when you said suggestions, you may have meant on content more than coding ?.. so maybe my simplistic and “basic code” to your question was a bit out of situe.



hey ket i got to tell the truth i know very little about code well about actionscript anyway i know html java perl cgi and stuff like tht also php but i need my actionscript sorting out really i want it to pause before it replays i dunno how to do it really