Lord Please Save Me!

Those hoping for Crazy Frog to just go away will not be happy. British independent gaming publisher Digital Jesters announced on Friday that it had won the rights to produce a video game based on the character, which it hopes to have out by the holiday shopping season across Europe. The game initially will be available on the PlayStation 2 and PC platforms, and initially launch in Europe where it has been most popular since November. Axel F, a ringtone featuring the character, recently made history as the first to make it to the top of the UK pop music charts. It stayed there for four weeks.

Wallaroo Licensing Company owns the rights to Crazy Frog, and gave the gaming publisher exclusive rights to worldwide distribution. While the company has not announced specific release dates for other markets, it did say it is aiming for a 1st Quarter 2006 release in the US.

“This is the deal everyone wanted,” Leo Zullo, co-founder of Digital Jesters said. “We’re working with Wallaroo to develop our own intellectual property within the Crazy Frog universe, capitalizing on the colossal success of the ubiquitous character.”

And Crazy Frog fans can take heart - the video game is not the last we’ll see of the amphibian. More singles are on the way, with an album coming later this summer.

The game will sell for 19.99 pounds ($35.50 USD) upon its release.

Source: Beta News