Losing quality of swf while running?


Ok, the above page comes up ok, but after playing around with it for a few seconds the quality of the flash automaticaly jumps from high to low? why? I cant seem to figure it out.

by the way only click on the “websites” box, its the only one I’ve done and the others will just get stuck.

I don’t want to continue making more pages if Im doing something wrong you know.

Another thing I might add is it only seems to do it after I click on one of the boxes, which loads an external swf into a blank mc on my main movie.

dont know what going on but theres nothing wrong from my end,
the quality’s the same… i didn’t notice any difference.

btw, can you show me how to do that bouncy thing on mouseover?

thanks for the script :slight_smile:

hey btw, i did it but im confused.
I did the bouncy thing but it disappears at one moment then if you mouseover it, nothing happens. When you mouseover the mc, its supposed to enlarge and when you dont mouseover, it supposed to reduce to its original length and size… isnt it?]

help me out