Lostinbeta :: request

do you have a list of all the cool sites you know


are really cool … all the flash sites i seem to find out there suck … so if you have a bunch more cool ones especially ones with open source to learn from … that would be great.

here’s one of mine :slight_smile: well not mine … but one i like =)

oh wow! That sakura site is good.

Hmm, I don’t know many.


I think that is all the ones I know of, or at least can think of right now.



madda fakkin coool=) http://www.2advanced.com/

Another site with links to a bunch of different sites that run on flash is…


This is just sites that use Flash though, its not like the other links I sent you.

i think kirupa should put a section on this site to not just flash sites or cool flash sites but open source flash sites. open source sites are a great tool if you ask me :slight_smile: so i think we should have a section for just that

that do you think mr. kirupa sir?

A nice site

pom :smirk:

lol pom

you put the : before the // so your link doesnt work

but, yes, beta does have a very nice site =)

Nice effects @ uncontrol.com
I was laughing like hell when I moved my mouse over the little creature @ tweened.com :stuck_out_tongue:

Haha, thanks Ilyas and Shuga :beam:

The : is supposed to go before the //, for some reason my site if fluky today, it works some minutes, and its down others. Its not the server though, its the redirect URL.

I will make my Flash Experiments open source sooner or later, but first I have to optimize the code on them.

You know how I am with that Ilyas :P, this might take me a while…haha!