Lots of movies on a page causes errors?

is there a limit on the amount of flash movies you can put on a page of html, or the amount of sounds they can play? sorry if it’s in the ‘limits’ thread and i’ve missed it.

was making an index for a bunch of movies i just made for someone and the movies started to break once i had more than around 10-12 on the page.

by ‘break’ i mean that each movie features a movieclip. when this movieclip is pressed, a sound is played and the movieclip’s alpha is switched to 100%. when the sound finishes playing, the movieclip’s alpha returns to 0%. But, when i have a large number of them on the page (around 10) the sound playback fails or is interrupted and the alpha of the movieclip doesn’t return to 0%.

  • have attached an example of the source of one of the movies.

it’s most likely that there’s an error in my actionscript (haven’t got a clue what i’m doing with this stuff) - but i don’t know where to start looking.