Lotsa scrolling


I know there are many tutorials out there for scrolling text. What I am hoping to find is a tutorial to create an easing text scroller and the best way to use it numerous times - about 10, and keeping the file size as small as possible. Would this be a smart clip? Has anyone come across any good tutorials for this purpose?

Thanks again,


ahh yes scrolling.

If you can’t find it here under the “search” options of Kirupa, you can find it pretty fast at Actionscript.org

Go to www.cruciallimit.com In the labratory it has a text scroller with easing FLA. very small file size. I use it on my site and it works great. It is very easy to custimize.


Let me take a look a look - thanks.


No problem. Just be sure to give hime credit if u use it.:slight_smile: