Love meeee!

I don’t know if anybody remembers me mentioning this in the Flash 5 forum earlier, but I’ve been designing a website for a 22 minute animated cartoon I’m making in Flash. Anyway, I’ve FINALLY gotten to start recording the audio, meaning I’m going to have to put the site online soon, and so that I can be laser beamtacularly forcused I need to make sure the website is 100% perfect before I’m done the audio and have to start working on the animation.

I want the fiercest most merciless of nitpicking. I don’t care what it is - maybe a box is the wrong shade of grey or a line isn’t perfectly 100% straight. Find every tiny little problem and point it out as though it were causing the whole site to crash. It needs to be perfect.

… Except, that is, don’t bother mentioning the forums appearance (I haven’t really touched them yet, I’ve just registered them) and I’ve already decided to try and improve the Splash page… Oh, and the only Commentary you can open is just a template. … And don’t bother trying to view any scenes, they don’t exist.

Anyway, the site (which, by the way, is called “May 17th”) is here:

<a href = “”></a>

Yo Live,
still like, what has changed since last time?
The 2 things i do not like are 1.the start-menu stays open all the time, even when you make a selection, and 2. in the comment part, you have a close bn, but it just closes the post, not the whole comment part to return to the main site, so I’d make that bn title a bit more explicit (Close Post…)

Makes sense, and both should be easy to do.

Thanks for the feedback.

As for what’s changed… Uh, pretty well nothing.

Eyezberg’s suggestions have been added and updated. Tada. Took about 2 seconds. Yay.

I just finished doing somethign that nobody will notice (there was a small problem with the brightness and swap depths that nobody would notice but I decided to fix anyway) and, when testing it on my computer it caused a slight delay whenever I tried to move a window. However, when I uploaded it to the internet that problem seemed no longer to exist.

Now, I know already that slower machines have processor problems with the website (slight delays as though it had a smaller frame rate than it really does), but I still want to know what kind of problems with speed the website gives people, especially when you drag the “News” window (it’s the smallest, least annoying one, so it’s a good window of thumb or whatever.).

In case you’re too lazy to scroll up, the adress again is:

<a href = “”></a>

Great site! I loved the spoofs on Windows and the Blockbuster logo. It’s also one of the only sites where having the window fill the screen was actually appropriate (normally that greatly annoys me).

Some things I’d change:

  • Make the time at the bottom right unselectable (easy to do).
  • Deactivate any links that don’t actually go anywhere. It’s annoying clicking on a link and going to that tripod 404 page (I know you said not to comment on that, but I am… nyah)
  • When the site is preloading, move the numbers in towards the middle of the ticket more. As they are, they border the edge of the ticket, and it doesn’t look quite right balance-wise.

Thanks for the feedback. All great suggestions that I’ll probably fix soon. The preloading one is particularly convenient - my modem is too fast to even know if the preloader’s taking place, so I can’t really check it.