Mac / PC Screen Sizes

Hi there,

I have just completed a new Flash MX site which is launched in a pop-up window using JavaScript. When I view it on a PC the site appears perfectly at 1024 x 768 resolution. On a Mac, however, the bottom section of the site (about 1cm) is cut off. This Mac was also running a screen res of 1024 x 768. Any suggestions? Do you think this a Flash MX problem, a platform problem or a JavaScript problem?


I seriously suggest you not use a JavaScript popup for your site.

With all of the popup blockers currently in use, it will drastically reduce the number of users that will see your site.

Also, about 1/2 of the users which visit web pages visit them with a resolution of 800x600, which will make your site extremely difficult to view.

The problem you speak of is probably a browser problem (was the mac using Netscape/mozilla?), or simply that the mac’s screen was larger than the monitor (adjusted improperly), since I haven’t heard of any cross platform issues like this (or JavaScript problems, except for browsers)…

seriously, I would remove the popup, it probably isn’t needed, and will iritate more users than it will impress…