MAC popup window BUG. URGENT Bah humBUG!

Those of you who can help me would be greatly appreciated.
The problem with this code is that Im not sure if its something wrong with the Javascript
Or the Actionscript. grrr. i have been stumped on this for a while.
It works well on Windows, but when it comes to MAC. I cant seem to figure it out.

I have a scroller in my Movie and in the movie and it is loaded by arrays. And the Images are
loaded using Loadmovie. They are loaded in from another folder. called Images.
and when u press the image…a window pops up.

The javascript for the popup window is loaded from the index.html.

Now i have a index.html and 00,html, 01.html, 02.html. etc…

so when i click on a GIRL Image from the flash image a popup window pops up.
The popup window is Focused in front of the Index.html window.

Now when i click anywhere on the popup window. The scroller dissapears.
I dont get that. I have a listbox so the viewer can click on the name and the Popup window changes
to another Person.

The Problem is everytime i open up the Popwindow and then i click on the new PAGE the SCROLLER Dissapears.
is it the Javascript? or my actionscript? please help…i am really stumped on this one.

This works fine on WINDOWS. but doesnt work well on MAC. GRRRR

Thank you very much.=)