Mail former in flash

Hi there! I’m trying to make a mail form in flash, and I found a toturial on However there is something I dont understand. Something about using a “split top and bottom frame” What the hell is that?! (only been playing with flash for 2 weeks!)
tjeck this link:

If someone could explain this to me it would really help me out!

I used that method to begin with. Basically some cgi form scripts return a redirect page, like a thankyou page, and in flash, this new page would open in a new window or the same one the flash site was in, defying the purpose of having a form built into the flash site.

The tutorial says to use a main fram (where your flash site is in) and a bottom, frame, so when you submit the form:

getURL (“blah.cgi”, “_bottom”, “GET”);

the main frame stay as it is and the redirect page opens in the bottom page (and of course the redirect page is empty - so you can’t tell a page has been loaded into the bottom page) and your flash form jumps to the thankyou page.

But this is too long winded, and it’s far easier to just use php to submit your form, without worrying about frame sets.

Find out if your web host supports php and I’ll forward you to a good tutorial.

Frames are an HTML thing, not a Flash thing.

What the tutorial is suggesting is that you use frames if you are going to do what they are doing. I dislike frames, I would probably rather have it open in a pop-up window, but thats just me.

Anyway, frames are too complex to explain here. So you can find out more about them here…
or here…

Ok, so that second link is incredibly girly, but it is an EXCELLENT source for beginning HTML users. It is where I went when I first learned HTML. Definitely an inspiring site considering she started it when she was 11 years old.

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php is supported, so maybe I should try that toturial u were talking about. did u have an adress?!

Try this


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stupid me! I thought of frames, as the frames in the timeline in flash!! Got myself confused!:stuck_out_tongue:
But like flex says, it does sound too long winded to make the form that way.
I really want to avoid a popup window, because im making my whole site in flash. I have my “front page” with the menu buttons. I have made an empty MC in which I want other flash movies to load, when the buttons is pressed. So when my “contact” movie is loaded, I dont want a popup window when something has been submitted. If u know what I mean!