Mail Problem


All great Programmers

I used one php file  for sending mail to me. The site in question is


you can go to the contact page and post a message there. It works fine and send all the data fine.

But I want that at my mail box at the From Section there will be name of the user who send this mail to me or posting mail at this site.

My knowledge is limited in PHP but I think this is the line which control what I want

$Header .= "From: " . $_POST[‘email’] . "

If I change the line like this

$Header .= "From: " . $_POST[‘namel’] . "

And then if I use one single name like “ Ram” it shows fine but if the length of the Name extend like “ Ram Varma Sinha” it will reflect as “unknown sender”.

Can anyone have some time to look into the Code of PHP.

One more thing I want that if the user put a genuine email address he will get back one return mail at the same time . How can I do this?

Can anybody extend help?