Hi, id like to have a form on my page where u fill in yore mail, name and a commentfield.
How do i do that, what do i need to do in flash, and what do i need to do outside flash.

Please help, and please talk to me as if i was youre 60 year old grandaddy who thught that computers were that thing u have in youre pocket and put into that machine and then u get some money!


if you are just using flash, try this:

where the variable ‘sRecipient’ is the email address you would like to send mail to, ‘sSubject’ is what you want the message subject to be, and ‘sBody’ is what you want in the email body.

you could also go with a PHP script or something similar, depending on the capabilities of your server. if you don’t know about server side scripting, just stick with the code above. it will open the user’s default mail software and all they have to do is press ‘send’.
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for the help, think ill use that=)

What about mailing from yar website directly, i believe i posted that PHP Script so much time in the forums, i mean u have to search!

serched for mail form, cant find it, could u post it again?

How about this thread:

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