Mailto: problems

This may or may not be a common problem as i’m fairly new to scripting. I know the basic scripting for generating a mail client on a static stage in Flash, but for some reason i cannot work out why it doesnt not work in the current setup i have.

The details: I have created a working site with various scenes for individual pages, which include a menu on the header of each page with the coding to goto once the specific button is clicked. Included in this menu is a contact button with the code to


(may not be correct as i’m just reflecting - the code works in other single scene sites i’ve created)

The problem: When a user in Firefox presses the button the scripting works fine and their client - be it html or application based, pops up on screen. However, Internet Exlplorer users press the button - the client appears as with the Firefox but when that user click on another button to goto a different scene the button does not work and it travels to the first scene in the file. Also when the user presses on the contact button after the initial selection the website disappears…its probably me putting in a too simple coding for the button…but in any case i’d be really greatful if someone can give me a hint as to why this is happening. (or alternatively send me to a link with a Flash contact form that works - i’ve tried a few but none have been effective)