Maintaining persistent variable in MC

I’m a newbie using FlashMX to read in a value from an ASP page into a dynamic text box. This works fine.

I then use a motion tween animation to tween into another image, and there I put another instance of the dynamic text box, with the same name, but the value doesn’t populate the text box. It’s as if it reads the variable into the text box, but if I do anything to the text box, it loses the variable and can’t get it back.

Further, if I switch back to the first frame, the value won’t populate either, I have to refresh the browser page to repopulate the variable (read the ASP page again.)

Is there a way to maintain this variable throughout the movie, so that I can re-use it? (hopefully without using cookies, b/c I’ve never done that before)

Any suggestions are appreciated, thanks!