Major Site Overhaul. OPINIONS WANTED

After taking everybodies advice, I decided to start over on the site.
Please check it out and tell me what you think. It is a hiphop group site. It can be bandwith heavy in some place so dsl and cable are preferred. There are still a couple of bugs I am working out like in the video section the text does not line up(don’t know why yet) anyway, Let me know what you think. Please don’t just look at it and not reply. Thanks in advance.


good job
but i did’nt like the “beep” sound.
i happened to think it was something like fire alarm :slight_smile: lol

and it’ll be better if you validate form fields in contact form. Site tries to send an empty form :wink:
If you want you can check the contact form @ my site

I don’t like the beep sound either. I never did. Its more of a placeholder for the new sounds when I get to it. The validation use to work. I made some changes and my have messed up the code a tad. I will work on that later today. I also have to add a volume slider for the video.

Keep em coming!

yes, get a different sound to replace the beep sound. also, the video in the right corner of the first page is really blurry, maybe increase the quality. i liked the layout, and the site just needs a few improvments. nice job.:A+:

and the sound of the video is really bad- i mean if it’s a rap group and their creation is songs- then you’d better keep the quality up - even if it means putting a loader in the window instead of having realtime but sucky images & sound…

otherwise it’s really nice…

I read your post wrong…I get what your saying now. Maybe that’s what I will do. Drop a preloader the video stuff.

I appreciate what you are saying but keep in mind those are live performances and sound quality is diffucult to come by. However, I know that the sound could be better.