Make a link on a flash film


i’d like to make a link on a flash film.

a flash film is shown and running. when i click on it, i should be linked to another page (e.g. but in the flash film is a click-link to e.g.

how can i do that with html or javascript?

thx 4 any help


do you mean that you want to make a flash movie a link to anither URL?
If so that’s no problem… I think
What are you using? Dreamweaver? FrontPage?..

Sounds a bit weird, how’s the button in your swf supposed to work if the whole swf itself is a button, who gets the click, browser can do just one link…what is it you wanna do here?

thx for your answers.
i am using dreamweaver normally. (but i’ve got frontpage too)

what i wanna do is the following: there is a banner (flash film) running on my page. when i click the banner, i link to another page of course.

but i want to catch this click-event. when i click onto this banner i should be linked to another page from my own site where i can do some statistics and the link forward to the origin url (where the banner actually wants to link to)

but i cannot edit the banner-swf-file, so i have to do this with html or js in my site, where i embed that banner.

(sorry about my poor english… i’m not from a english speaking country)

thx 4 your help anyway


Ok, so it’s like an advertisement, you click on it and you to the “free **** whatever”-site coz that’s the link in the swf.
As you can’t edit the swf, and you want stats, you want to catch the click event to first go to one of your pages for your stats, and from there redirect to the embedded link from the swf…
I cansee the problem,but that looks like some heavy javascript stuff, don’t even know if that’s possible…do you really have to keep that swf, can’t you make your own instead (by maybe copy’n’paste the url showing in your browser when you click on the swf to use that for your rediect, and then put YOUR link in the swf…?

I don’t want to be a decompiler pusher, but sothink’s swf decompiler would allow you to open the .swf, then essentially change the GetURL, and republish…

That would be the easiest way to do what I think you want to do…