Make flash look at temporary internet files

Is there anyway to make flash look at the temp internet files.
I have a program that is photo heavy, actually a slide show and it pulls jpegs at 50k per photo.
However it also pulls a lot of bandwith, no matter how many times you flip thru the photos, it gets a fresh copy from the server. It would be great to tell flash to look at temp inet before going to the web as the explorer does.

Does anyone know how to do this?

You will be a life saver (I mean bandwidth saver) and my host will forever be in your debt.


Nope, there isn’t any way!!

More information:
If there is no way to get flash to look at temp inet files, is there a way to preload the pix like in javascript when the rollovers are sometimes preloaded so they are ready when you rollover.

If flash could preload, and remember where it put the photos, it could then access the previously loaded pix and no need to access the web every time.


if the files are in the cache they will be loaded like the images on a regular HTML website…