Make interactive e card

[font=Arial]I got to do interactive ecard and I little bit familiar with action scripts but I never did game kind of things before! I have ability to create the cartoon characters but in this case I can’t imaging how to make them interactively. Really appreciates is anyone out there to help me out of this because I love to do this…[/font]

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[font=Arial]This is a basic idea.[/font]

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[font=Arial]This is an ecard for birthday; I have 6 guests. But I only have 3 chairs along with the desk (birthday cake on the desk). When movie appeared I can click on my 3 favorite’s guests (3 out of 6) to come and have a sit on chairs. When 3 chairs fills out I got message “happy birthday song” and the remaining guests will be disappears. That’s it [/font]